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EnerPlex Lightning Jumpr Slate 5k-L Ultra Slim Chargepack (5100mAh)

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EnerPlex Lightning Jumpr Slate 5k-L Ultra Slim Chargepack (5100mAh)

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EnerPlex Lightning Jumpr Slate 5k-L Ultra Slim Chargepack (5100mAh)

Product Description

Built for Lightning connector Apple products, the Jumpr Slate 5k-L is a slim, slab-shaped power bank that is perfect for binders, folders , briefcases, or backpacks. Its rubberized feel gives the user a sense of security and its dual output (including a tethered Lightning connector) makes it easy to plug in and charge a variety of Apple and other USB-enabled devices. Powerful enough to charge iPads and full size tablets, the Slate 5k-L is a versatile power bank that keeps the whole workgroup going!


  • 5100 mAh capacity
  • 1A (5 Watt) and 2.4A (12 Watt) output
  • Charges iPhones, smartphones, iPads, full size tablets and more
  • Dual output: tethered Lightning connector & USB
  • Binder holes for easy placement in binders, folders and planners
  • 4 level battery status indicator
  • Slim and portable design
  • Dimensions: 9.76 x 5.5 x 0.87 in
  • Apple Certified
  • Product weight is 300 gr or 0.65 lb

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