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Urban Armor Gear Composite Case (Ash/Black) (Ash) for Macbook Air 13Urban Armor Gear Composite Case (Ash/Black) (Ash) for Macbook Air 13
The UAG (Urban Armor Gear) Composite case gives your lightweight military-grade protection for your Macbook Air 13. This one piece case features a hard outer shell, a soft impact resistant core and integrated shock absorbing bumpers, all guarding against scratches and drops. A rubberized screen surround ensures your device is protected when it’s laid flat on the table, screen side first. This protective lip also provides great grip, so you can comfortably hold your Macbook Air 13 while reading or web browsing. The design features a three dimensional vent backing which allows air to circulate so your Macbook Air 13 won`t get uncomfortably hot during extended use.
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CAD 89.99  $99.99'Not yet rated.'Ships 5/31Add Urban Armor Gear Composite Case (Ash/Black) (Ash) for Macbook Air 13 to Cart

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